Isabella Brazhnikova was born in Auckland, New Zealand. She began drawing at the age
of 2. Her mum was an artist and has shared her love of art and drawing with her daughter
and started teaching her the basics of drawing. From a young age, Isabella loved all living
creatures either under the sea or on land, all of them got her excited. Her early drawings
were full of animals filling the page completely. At age 3 it was ocean creatures, at age five
100s of cats doing crazy things filled each of her artworks, all cats with their own emotions
and a funny sense of humor as if she is telling us a story.

At age 8 Isabella had a period of drawing creative animals and fantasy creatures, making
each artwork exciting and full of colour. Isabella has been able to create amazing
drawings that will grab any person’s attention. It was only when she was 10 that she got
her hands on her mum’s professional colour pencils and the strong pigments made each
Her drawings look very realistic.

When she brought her work to school. It was very upsetting for her when children, adults
and even some teachers didn’t believe that such realistic Artwork was created by her, so
she decided to create a YouTube Channel to prove to everyone that she created these
drawings herself, yes, just an 11 year old girl at that time. During the first Covid-19
Lockdown Isabella created a TikTok account for her art and after a couple of months she
has acquired more than 350 000 followers and some of her speed drawings quickly
accumulated millions of views.

Last year Isabella was invited to become the youngest member of Pastel Artists New Zealand.
In the last few weeks Isabella’s artworks were first displayed for the first time at a Gallery, where the manager of the gallery was astonished
by Isabella’s artwork of a tiger “Thirst” She thought it looked “absolutely unbelievable” for a child to achieve.

Recently Isabella was featured on TVNZ 1 NEWS and her story touched many people’s hearts. 
She is the only child in the world that was able to achieve photorealism at age 11 and hyperrealism at the age 12,  in her full colour pastel paintings and colour pencil works.

Isabella’s passion is wild life hyperrealism. Her artwork is highly detailed with beautiful animals looking at you, you can almost feel them breathing. Isabella’s artwork is becoming very popular internationally.

Quote from Isabella: “I hope my art will make people happier and let them feel the beauty of the animal kingdom everyday when they look at my artwork on their wall at home.”

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