During the first Covid-19 Lockdown 11 year old kiwi girl, Isabella Brazhnikova revealed her talent to the world as a TikTok & Instagram Child Artist.
A shy quiet girl who thought the only thing she is good at is drawing; is now the youngest artist star on TikTok with over 350 000 Followers with her videos reaching millions of views.
Isabella Brazhnikova from Auckland, New Zealand is a Child Artist and Video content creator of the Tiktok & Instagram Accounts @isabellaclever
Her hyper realistic drawings of animals captured the hearts of viewers from all the nations. Thanks to the time off school during Covid-19 lockdown and the exposure she got on Tiktok, Isabella is now starting early on her dream career of a professional Artists, specialising in Animal
Portraits and WildLife. Here is what her mum said about Isabella: “At first TikTok’s audience did not believe that this was an 11 year old girl doing the drawing.
Isabella got lots of hate comments like: “That’s a fake” “Your parents are drawing for you” “That’s not even a child’s hand”. She was saddened by that response and as her proof Isabella 
made a video of her drawing process from the side where you could see her face, with her head being firmly attached to the shoulders and her little hand drawing…and yes she is left handed too…At that point she developed a huge following and her most viral video “Art evolution!” reached 4 million views.” “Isabella loved animals from age 2. We had an annual pass to Auckland Zoo and visited every week. It is the love for all live creatures that started to show up in her drawings and grew into a lifelong passion.”

Isabella Brazhnikova The Roar of Nature
Isabella at the age of 11, finishing her drawing "The Roar of Nature"

 Isabella’s dream was to be an Artist and create drawings that feel real and are full of life. “ The personal goals she sets for herself are very high. As an Artist myself I could see that Isabella would take on very challenging reference images to work from, that even I thought she may not be able to achieve at her current age. But I would still support her brave approach. Isabella persevered through many failed attempts and tears and then proved me wrong time and time again.”
“At the age of 10 some teachers at Isabella’s school started doubting that she was the artist behind her artwork, as it has become just too realistic for a child to create. So Isabella came up with an idea to create speed drawing videos and post to YouTube channel “Draw with Isabella”, which she could show to people if they didn’t believe her. ” 
But it was only during Covid-19 lockdown, when she went on TikTok and worked extra hard making her drawing videos, that she received a huge response. TikTok gave Isabella international exposure and a chance to start on her dream career, so early in her life.


Quote from Isabella 

“There are never enough hours in a day for me, there is so much I want to draw. I love doing large animal portraits and pet portrait commissions. I enjoy doing very detailed drawings using quality colour pencils and pastel pencils. I dream of showing my work at an Auckland Art Gallery, that would be amazing.

I hope my art will make people happier and let them feel the beauty of the animal kingdom everyday when they look at my artwork on their wall at home.”

Now Isabella moved on to Instagram. So to keep an eye on this rising little star follow her Instagram art account @isabellaclever

12 year old Isabella Brazhnikova and her fantastic art journey was featured on Seven Sharp 1 NEWS. This TVNZ Story has been in the Top 5 stories of TVNZ for a full week and is currently one of the Top Art News Stories on YouTube. In one week gaining over 1 million views.